Friends With Shadows – Chapter 12 (Continued, Again!)

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Chapter 12 (continued)

Dean asks for identification of the subjects. Handel isn’t able to give him a definite answer. He couldn’t give him an answer. Someone had taken his earpiece – Handel turns his body with ferocity ready to defend and strike the would be attacker. Handel had been so focused on the subjects down below he didn’t notice someone approaching him. What shocked him even more, when he spun around ready to embed a few rounds in the unknown subject, he saw Thomas holding his earpiece.

“What are you doing?” Handel realized the awe on his own face and straightened it out to a facial expression more suiting to a Law Officer.

Thomas reacted to his partner, “I’m not sure. But, we’re done here. Let’s get out of here. Something is wrong here.”

“You’re kidding! That’s funny. C’mon, let’s get back to business,” Handels tone sounded playful, his face was serious, daring him to rebel.

Thomas, unsure of what his next move would be, tried one last time to persuade his Law Academy colleague, “We shouldn’t be here,” staring him down and emphasizing every syllable.

Thomas threw the earpiece over his shoulder off of the building.

“I’m sorry. You’re serious. Well, I’m not going down. And you’re not leaving me to do this by myself. So, get back down there and cover the front so none of us get hurt.”

Before Thomas could reply, Handel already knew he wouldn’t comply and immediately leapt for his former partner. Crashing into the ground, the two struggled, exchanging elbows and fists. The fiasco was more equivalent to young brotherly brawls in terms of appearance; make no mistake, the two were determined to submit one or kill the other.
Thomas managed to break from Handel with his back to the skylight. Handel raised his sidearm and double-tapped his trigger. The ballistics made contact with the center mass of Thomas. Stumbling back Thomas attempted one final gesture and released a grenade too late; he was out of energy, and out of time. The grenade fell through skylight and landed near the subjects.

Handel ran up to the skylight just in time to see the blue tinged bubble emit from the detonated grenade. After the flash, his eyes adjusted to see his partner dead on the ground next to him – a quickly fading sense of guilt passed through his heart. He looked down the skylight and saw two blurred figures moving and clumsily grabbed his rifle and began firing down at the two. The two subjects ran out of the building and he saw another possible target under broken crates and pallets, slightly moving. Through his scope, he could see an opal colored ring and realized this was the other target Dean was looking for.
Handel shook his face, wiped his blurred eyes, looked down the scope, centered his target in the reticle, slow breath – darkness.

That’s twice someone managed to sneak up on him tonight.

…to be continued (again, I think)….


Friends With Shadows – Chapter 12 (Continued)

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Chapter 12 (Continued)

Through the alley, Dean clears the back part of the warehouse. Finger resting just to outside of the trigger, safety off, pointed down at forty-five degree angle, he approaches the back door, takes one more breath, calming his nerves, turns the knob and peels the door open. The old rusted knob, grinding against its will, Dean squints his eyes as if that will help the grinding noise. He slices his body across the doorway, firearm at ready position, all clear. He slips into the building, no sign of anyone, only the sound of a deep voice some distance away. Unable to make out what he’s saying, he moves for a better position trying to maintain the element of surprise.

Thomas moves to the front of the building using shadows and parked vehicles as cover. Standing in a semi-crouched position, Thomas looks around him and then eyes the door. Waiting for a signal from his counterparts to confirm how many subjects and locations, he begins to question his motives for being here. His breathing becomes shallow, his thoughts become lost, his shooting arm starts to shake. Rolling his eyes up, standing more erect, he lowers his shoulders and leans against the wall, telling himself there is still time to turn around. “You don’t have to be here. You can still back out. It’s not too late,” not his own voice but the words bounced around in his head. Some deeper, more ominous voice, causing the realization of his choices to become more clear.

Handel struggles to climb the ladder with his gear attached. Once he throws his legs over the ledge he finds a glass skylight in the ceiling with a large surface area. He looks down and sees a light and someone standing in the center; possibly the snitch. He seems to be talking to someone in the shadows but unknown how many are there.

He hears Dean’s voice in the earpiece, “I’m in position. Report in.”

Thomas hesitates then clicks the com, “Ready. Waiting for instructions.”

Handel turns his mic on, “Aerial set. One subject in center of the building. At least one more just out of sight in the shadow towards the back of the building. Unknown number of others. Standby.”

…to be continued (tomorrow, perhaps)….

Friends With Shadows – Chapter 10 (Continued!)

Writer’s Note: Wrapping up Chapter 10 today! Happy Friday readers! Enjoy! I’m going to be out of town this weekend, but I’ll be working on Chapter 11 while I’m gone and trying to make some thing flow better. Tomorrow’s post might come a little late but it will be here! If Gandalf were telling me how far I had to travel to destroy the ring, I’d be like, “I’m gonna borrow your eagle friend and get a non-stop flight to Mordor!” So, basically, yes, Chapter 11 is coming. 🙂

“Detective, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your mail operation. How’s that coming along? Last I heard, you located a reliable informant and was of great use in the investigation. How has that developed? Are we going to have enough to take to the Regional Prosecutor? This could be a huge boost for the department.”

Dean tried to act like he wasn’t trying to act business casual. He sold the lieutenant a decent line of junk, “Th-Th-Th-The informant is working out well but his use has been exhausted and I’ll need to cultivate another to finish the investigation. The snitch has become too high profile, too well known in the circles as being loosely associated with the d-d-d-department.” Four syllables.

“Well, I remember working investigations and trying to protect your snitch. At some point you do need to find a new one. Usually, you want your investigation to come to a conclusion before you burn the informant, Detective. Let’s try and wrap this investigation soon. I’ll need a full summary with expected completion date. I want this ready for prosecution, soon. It looks like you’ve got plenty of help,” Dorsey points to the two detectives behind Dean.

The lieutenant could tell something was going on, or could he? Dean was struggling to read the facial expressions. He could feel moisture pushing itself out through a pore on the top of his head, he couldn’t hear anything farther than a foot away, his mind was trying to put together a more elaborate story to convince the lieutenant. Except, Dorsey was in investigations for many years and knows how to interrogate and can read the signs of contradictory body language. Dean tells himself to wrap this conversation up and move along.

Dean snaps a lazy salute and a half smile, “You got it, sir. I’ll get this investigation ready to move.”

“Fantastic, Detective. Carry on.” Dorsey reciprocated the partial salute and smile, “Gentlemen,” he nods to the Thomas and Handel and moves on down the hallway.

The three continue down the hallway in the opposite direction down towards the armory.

One last look before they turn the corner to the armory door. All clear.

Dean punches in the code and scans his thumbprint. The satisfying click of the lock and slide of the steel bars retracting, and Dean breathes out the air he hadn’t realized he was holding.

Inside the threshhold, the promised land. Now, Dean can fix the problem. Ammunition and weapons and flash bangs. The three packed up some gear and donned the tactical vest with ballistic panels. Perhaps it was overkill but, Dean didn’t want to take any chances. And, if a civilian saw them, at least it might look like a legitimate operation.

Dean took one more deep breath, he could feel his vest was a little tight, “Let’s find these guys.”

Friends With Shadows – Chapter 10 (Continued)

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Chapter 10 (continued)

Dean explained they have two targets, and described the primary being, the man with the opal colored ring. The second target is the snitch but, he should’t be an issue if they can get to him fast enough to give the location of the primary target.

The backseat twins nodded affirmations but Thomas had a follow-up question, “Why?”

Dean took a breath, “Because where do you think your bonuses have come from? Do you like getting your little bonuses? To buy the toys you want, to go to dinner when you want? These guys know what we’re doing, in fact they know way too much. If we want to at least preserve what we have, then we need to find a way to silence these guys. Otherwise, you and you, are going to spend the next 25 years in rehabilitation – minimum. That’s not something I want. And I know that’s not what you want.”

Hesitation and fear took hold of the facial expressions of the twins. Thomas began to say something but caught his words before they had opportunity to materialize into regret.

Dean followed up with an ultimatum knowing that he barely had their attention, “If you don’t go with me on this, then I’ll be certain that you both take the fall. Who are they going to believe? A couple of rookie detectives or a seasoned veteran with multiple commendations? Plus, you’ve benefited from our little operation as much as I have. We’re in this together. ”
Both let out a sigh of relief, because they knew they no longer had to make a decision, the decision was made on their behalf. They knew they would follow Dean until this mission was complete. That’s how they had to view this, an operation that would require their full attention and seen through until it was over. All in.

The first directive Dean gave them, “Let’s get to the armory.”

The reluctant trio made their way to headquarters after hours. No one would suspect the three of these Law Officers of doing anything under the table – not with a skeleton crew working in the building.


Until Lieutenant Dorsey stops them in the hallway. There is a downside to speaking prematurely.

…To Be Continued, Tomorrow! Bum-bum-buuuuuum!!!!

Friends With Shadows – Chapter 9 (Continued, I think this is the end of Chapter 9)

Writer’s Note: I keep thinking Chapter 9 is over, but then I keep going back and finding it needs more….so maybe this is the end of Chapter 9…or not. It’s all part of the process, folks. Kinda exciting, no? Anyway, happy Tuesday! Happy lunch time! Enjoy your nice cool beverage on this hot summer day and get your read on!

Some kind of explosion. Unintentional or directed, I don’t know. I wasn’t able to see anything or anyone that would be a perpetrator. Lying prone, I will my arms to go perpendicular to the floor. I look over to see an arm and a leg underneath splintered crates and pieces of cement. My throat struggles to make a sound for help while weak eyes try to stay open and focus.
I hear another voice coming from rubble, feminine, not calling for help, but is making the sound of someone not wanting to wake up to the alarm on a Monday morning. Cherie, emerges with a stumbling walk from the pile of building and crates that had covered her. Red droplets and smears move down her arm while splatters try to clot on her face. She helps me up as I embrace my torso trying to hold my body together. Some of the stitches have torn open – doctor told me not to do any physical activity. I can’t help but notice that she is an incredible amount of toughness in her, far more than I could ever hope to have. Has she done this before?

Once my senses are return, I hear her yelling at me to move while also yelling to find Big Rich. Dragging me along, I make the attempt to mimic her actions and call for Big Rich. Under the pile of crates, the hand and leg begin to move and we run over as quickly as we could. That’s when tiny clouds of dust begin jumping up from the floor around us. The shooters didn’t appear to be great shots, no better than a Stormtrooper, but still dangerous to be around. Cherie grabs hold of my elbow and pulls me in the direction of Big Rich. I cover my head and ears with my free arm and make a gazelle-like sprint with Cherie to the antique car.

A chaffeur that won’t earn a tip, Cherie opens the car door and pushes me head first into the backseat. Her voice matching the tension of the situation, “Stay there. Don’t move. I’ll be back.”

Car door slams shut. Trunk pops open and closes, moving the car up and then down on the shocks. Too afraid to move. Too afraid to think. Cherie’s head goes by the passenger window with something in her hand, resting on her shoulder.

She’s gone. The silence lasts for only a moment.

Then, the gun shots start.

…TO BE CONTINUED?…Maybe Chapter 10 is next…?