Friends With Shadows – Chapter 9 (Continued, I think this is the end of Chapter 9)

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Some kind of explosion. Unintentional or directed, I don’t know. I wasn’t able to see anything or anyone that would be a perpetrator. Lying prone, I will my arms to go perpendicular to the floor. I look over to see an arm and a leg underneath splintered crates and pieces of cement. My throat struggles to make a sound for help while weak eyes try to stay open and focus.
I hear another voice coming from rubble, feminine, not calling for help, but is making the sound of someone not wanting to wake up to the alarm on a Monday morning. Cherie, emerges with a stumbling walk from the pile of building and crates that had covered her. Red droplets and smears move down her arm while splatters try to clot on her face. She helps me up as I embrace my torso trying to hold my body together. Some of the stitches have torn open – doctor told me not to do any physical activity. I can’t help but notice that she is an incredible amount of toughness in her, far more than I could ever hope to have. Has she done this before?

Once my senses are return, I hear her yelling at me to move while also yelling to find Big Rich. Dragging me along, I make the attempt to mimic her actions and call for Big Rich. Under the pile of crates, the hand and leg begin to move and we run over as quickly as we could. That’s when tiny clouds of dust begin jumping up from the floor around us. The shooters didn’t appear to be great shots, no better than a Stormtrooper, but still dangerous to be around. Cherie grabs hold of my elbow and pulls me in the direction of Big Rich. I cover my head and ears with my free arm and make a gazelle-like sprint with Cherie to the antique car.

A chaffeur that won’t earn a tip, Cherie opens the car door and pushes me head first into the backseat. Her voice matching the tension of the situation, “Stay there. Don’t move. I’ll be back.”

Car door slams shut. Trunk pops open and closes, moving the car up and then down on the shocks. Too afraid to move. Too afraid to think. Cherie’s head goes by the passenger window with something in her hand, resting on her shoulder.

She’s gone. The silence lasts for only a moment.

Then, the gun shots start.

…TO BE CONTINUED?…Maybe Chapter 10 is next…?


Friends With Shadows – Chapter 9 (continued, yes, CONTINUED!)

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“You’re already dead. You don’t have to work for Dean anymore. The hospital had filed the certificate of your death before you woke up. The opportunity for a new life, one free of the system you’ve been placed in, that had been predetermined,” his words resonated.

I am dead.

Big Rich told me that there is not a lot of time for my decisions. What waits for me? I’m already dead according the hospital. To the rest of the system, I’m just somebody that existed in a phone book somewhere.

I see the face of Big Rich and Cherie start to distort. Like they were punched by an Olympic boxer. Ripples flowing across what was a perfect human face, less than a moment ago. Coming towards us was some kind of bubble. A blue tinge outlined the bubble causing a disruption in visual reality – a lensing effect. Everything was slow. I realized what had happened though I hadn’t understood why. The bright white flash followed shortly after the blue distortion, then the heat. The bodies of Cherie and Big Rich soar across the warehouse, rag dolls.

That heat, singed hair, stitches straining under force of the blast, my body is being pulled apart trying to expose my organs again. My clothes smell like they were in the dryer for too long with the heat too high. Spontaneous combustion, nuclear radiation, cooked from the inside. What does it matter? I’m already dead.


Friends With Shadows – Chapter 9 (It’s Happening!)

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Chapter 9
Cherie’s tall and refined stature had moved from the corner to whisper into the ear the large figure. He listened for a moment then held his hand up to her and motioned to to me, “I understand. We’re being rude to our guest and time is not a luxury of ours.”

I stood, knees locked. I felt free to leave but unwilling. The man with the large opal colored ring emerged from the shadows with his large hand extended, “You can call me Big Rich.”

“Big Rich. Hi. I’m – ” he interrupted. Big Rich told me he already knows who I am. My comparatively timid voice was drowned by his significantly larger voice. I have the feeling that his elementary school teachers would still get mad at him for using his “six-inch voice”.

As he steps closer to me, more into the light, his eyes become more clear a deep green color. Big Rich tells me it’s time and if I want to go with him, he will show what we can do to make this world better. I determine he must be speaking in platitudinal sincerity. Everyone wants to change something for the better even at the detriment of others. Good intentions.

“…of course, you’re free to leave. But, I do say this with deep pretension, if you come with me, it will be indeterminably difficult for you to leave. I trust that once you see your purpose, then you will want to stay.”

“Awfully confident, eh, Big Rich? What could you possibly show me that would give me a greater purpose and make me follow you?”

The thing about paradox shifts is that you usually don’t see them coming. You may get small indicators of impending change, reactions of forces interacting with your life. Ripples of these changes are noticed before the altered reality happens. Suddenly everything is going unexpectedly well in your life, or for no obvious reason problems have begun to resolve themselves giving you respite from the chaos of life. But, if you really pay close attention, these are simply precursors, ripples, to some change that has already begun to take place and will forever change your perspective or your life directly. Now, calm down, stop understanding change as something bad – change isn’t always bad, but it is change. Whatever change that is taking place is like, in physics, a wave-particle duality, and doesn’t and won’t exist until you observe it to exist. This is the human equivalent of closing your eyes, plugging your ears, and yelling childrens songs until you run out of breath or crack your eyes open to see if the boogey man is still there. Once your mind is opened to this paradox shift, you have no choice but to accept it as reality. All that you can choose to do is react or walk away knowing it will continue with or without you, but now you have the burden of knowledge.