Friends With Shadows – Chapter 6 – Who’s this guy?

Writer’s Note: Sorry for not posting yesterday! I’ve been up for nearly 24 hours making a trip to San Diego to visit family and sample the local cuisine. Fear not! The next chapter is up and ready! Enjoy your Friday! And enjoy the plot development in Chapter 6! Read on, my friends.

Chapter 6

Dean is sitting in the undercover Law vehicle waiting. Waiting. Tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, keeping the beat to a song that isn’t playing on the radio or in his head – just tapping. He knows he told him to be here at this time. Two hours. Typical snitch – everyone’s schedule revolves around him. He looks up at the apartments to see two small eyes peering out of the dirt matted blinds. Dean starts to get nervous – his snitch better show up soon to make sure this deal goes down. If it doesn’t go right, he’s going to have to explore the possibility of pursuing the largest lie of his career.

What his supervisors don’t know is the depth to which Dean has buried himself on this case. He’s trying to stop “mail” from being delivered, find the people in charge of these rings and put them away for a long while. Rinse and repeat. What his supervisors don’t know –

Two large knuckles appear on the window, tapping gently on the first rap, then with more authority on the second rap.

The knuckles obviously startled Dean, a man in deep thought, a man watching for his suspect. Dean looks straight ahead and then slowly turns his head with his eyes leading toward the direction of the knocks. He notices a thick opal band covering an entire phalange on a middle finger. His hand gently removing the safety from his sidearm tucked between the center console and his seat.

The face Dean sees is dark and smiling – not disarming, at all, more ominous. The knuckles make a motion to roll down his window. Dean cracks the window two inches; just enough to have a conversation. An oddly soothing and deep voice vibrates through the window, “Hi, I’m sorry to have bothered you. But, I’m hoping you can give me directions? I seem to be lost on my journey.”