Friends With Shadows – Chapter 14

Writer’s Note: Happy Thursday! It’s my Friday! I hope you’re ready to enjoy some delicious story-telling! We’re on to Chapter 14, and we’re going to start seeing more of the overall plot develop! Booyah! Follow me on this experiment and read the book before it’s published! C’mon you hipsters – read something cool before it’s cool! Enjoy todays Chapter 14 rough draft! Almost done with the work week! Enjoy!

Chapter 14

When I stepped through the door, I expected my life to change. I expected to have an epiphany. I expected to feel different. The bright light accentuated all of these new feelings. The bright light was an old halogen light stand illuminating the hallway. Instead of a new perspective, I was greeted by a girl in her early twenties with hair pulled back very tight. She appears to have had a hell of a day, judging by the perky yet exhausted demeanor and frizzy fly away hairs that escaped the rubber band holding her hair back.

“Oh goodness, you’re awake!” Her voice sounded like she was trying to maintain a jovial tone despite the contrary. She grabbed ahold of my shoulders and shook them, giving me the type of examination a school nurse with no bedside manners would deliver. She completed her examination, “Looks good! Ok, Cherie is waiting for you two floors up whenever you’re ready.”

“Where am I? What happened? What’s your name?” I rapid fired the questions.

“Just relax. I’m sure Cherie can answer your questions,” she turned back down the hallway and paused, “Oh, but my name is Laney. Nice to meet you, er, what’s your name?”

“I’m – ”

Laney held her hand up to me, placed another hand on her ear, “Hold on. Yes. Yes. I’m on my way,” She looked back to me, “Sorry, I’ve gotta go. I’ll catch up with you later to make sure you’re still doing well. Bye!” And with that this wearied but energetic Laney disappeared beyond the halogen light.

As for me, I turned and held my hand up to block the bright light, looking for a sign for stairs or an elevator. An arrow pointing toward the stairs gave me direction. Two floors up, I see a more active level than the one I had just left. Several people were zipping down the hall. I slide in behind a taller gentleman that seems to know where he is going. I’m more curious at this point and not interesting in finding Cherie.

What is this place?

The tall gentleman went into a room as I continued straight. I see one window I run towards – the view is bland – the brick wall of the next building over and a dark alley. But, to my left I see the hallway opens up into a large room filled with people and computers.

Where am I? What does any of this have to do with me? Where is Big Rich?

…to be continued….


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