Friends With Shadows – Chapter 12 (Continued, Again!)

Writer’s Note: Oh, man. This is getting good. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but…it’s getting good. I really do enjoy the direction of the story. Something interesting about the chapters that has developed is the way they show different perspectives for the same moment…are you catching on to that? It was not my original intention, but through feedback and natural necessity it evolved. Anyhow, today is my Friday. Yes, I have a regular job also, like you. 🙂 Enjoy your Thursday! You’re almost there and I’m rooting for you! To help pass the time, enjoy more of Chapter 12 cliff-hanging excitement!

Chapter 12 (continued)

Dean asks for identification of the subjects. Handel isn’t able to give him a definite answer. He couldn’t give him an answer. Someone had taken his earpiece – Handel turns his body with ferocity ready to defend and strike the would be attacker. Handel had been so focused on the subjects down below he didn’t notice someone approaching him. What shocked him even more, when he spun around ready to embed a few rounds in the unknown subject, he saw Thomas holding his earpiece.

“What are you doing?” Handel realized the awe on his own face and straightened it out to a facial expression more suiting to a Law Officer.

Thomas reacted to his partner, “I’m not sure. But, we’re done here. Let’s get out of here. Something is wrong here.”

“You’re kidding! That’s funny. C’mon, let’s get back to business,” Handels tone sounded playful, his face was serious, daring him to rebel.

Thomas, unsure of what his next move would be, tried one last time to persuade his Law Academy colleague, “We shouldn’t be here,” staring him down and emphasizing every syllable.

Thomas threw the earpiece over his shoulder off of the building.

“I’m sorry. You’re serious. Well, I’m not going down. And you’re not leaving me to do this by myself. So, get back down there and cover the front so none of us get hurt.”

Before Thomas could reply, Handel already knew he wouldn’t comply and immediately leapt for his former partner. Crashing into the ground, the two struggled, exchanging elbows and fists. The fiasco was more equivalent to young brotherly brawls in terms of appearance; make no mistake, the two were determined to submit one or kill the other.
Thomas managed to break from Handel with his back to the skylight. Handel raised his sidearm and double-tapped his trigger. The ballistics made contact with the center mass of Thomas. Stumbling back Thomas attempted one final gesture and released a grenade too late; he was out of energy, and out of time. The grenade fell through skylight and landed near the subjects.

Handel ran up to the skylight just in time to see the blue tinged bubble emit from the detonated grenade. After the flash, his eyes adjusted to see his partner dead on the ground next to him – a quickly fading sense of guilt passed through his heart. He looked down the skylight and saw two blurred figures moving and clumsily grabbed his rifle and began firing down at the two. The two subjects ran out of the building and he saw another possible target under broken crates and pallets, slightly moving. Through his scope, he could see an opal colored ring and realized this was the other target Dean was looking for.
Handel shook his face, wiped his blurred eyes, looked down the scope, centered his target in the reticle, slow breath – darkness.

That’s twice someone managed to sneak up on him tonight.

…to be continued (again, I think)….


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