Friends With Shadows – Chapter 12 (Continued)

Writer’s Note: I appreciate you all bearing with me as I write this book. It’s not a perfect process and sometimes I won’t have anything to write. However, you may rest assured that I will make every attempt to post something to keep you up to date. Yesterday did not go as planned, obviously. Today is a new day and I will be writing some more. Hopefully, the infamous writer’s block won’t attack and kill any inspiration or clever thoughts I may have. Anyhow, enjoy the rest of Chapter 12! Share it with your friends!

Chapter 12 (Continued)

Through the alley, Dean clears the back part of the warehouse. Finger resting just to outside of the trigger, safety off, pointed down at forty-five degree angle, he approaches the back door, takes one more breath, calming his nerves, turns the knob and peels the door open. The old rusted knob, grinding against its will, Dean squints his eyes as if that will help the grinding noise. He slices his body across the doorway, firearm at ready position, all clear. He slips into the building, no sign of anyone, only the sound of a deep voice some distance away. Unable to make out what he’s saying, he moves for a better position trying to maintain the element of surprise.

Thomas moves to the front of the building using shadows and parked vehicles as cover. Standing in a semi-crouched position, Thomas looks around him and then eyes the door. Waiting for a signal from his counterparts to confirm how many subjects and locations, he begins to question his motives for being here. His breathing becomes shallow, his thoughts become lost, his shooting arm starts to shake. Rolling his eyes up, standing more erect, he lowers his shoulders and leans against the wall, telling himself there is still time to turn around. “You don’t have to be here. You can still back out. It’s not too late,” not his own voice but the words bounced around in his head. Some deeper, more ominous voice, causing the realization of his choices to become more clear.

Handel struggles to climb the ladder with his gear attached. Once he throws his legs over the ledge he finds a glass skylight in the ceiling with a large surface area. He looks down and sees a light and someone standing in the center; possibly the snitch. He seems to be talking to someone in the shadows but unknown how many are there.

He hears Dean’s voice in the earpiece, “I’m in position. Report in.”

Thomas hesitates then clicks the com, “Ready. Waiting for instructions.”

Handel turns his mic on, “Aerial set. One subject in center of the building. At least one more just out of sight in the shadow towards the back of the building. Unknown number of others. Standby.”

…to be continued (tomorrow, perhaps)….


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