Friends With Shadows – Chapter 12 (A New Chapter)

Writer’s Note: Happy Monday! Chapter 11 went faster than I expected it would and Chapter 12 is flowing from the keyboard with ease. This, of course, means I’m going to go back and find a major plot hole or rewrite the whole thing. Ha! We’ll see…. Enjoy your lunch hour and enjoy the next chapter. 🙂 Get your read on!

Chapter 12

Thomas and Handel did what they have been trained to do and began running searches for targets. Just like normal operation, they’re just doing a search for a couple of suspects; continued justification of their ambiguous morality. Accessing the regional camera network, Thomas began looking for image matches. Handel, knowing the chances were slim, began monitoring the local digital band for phone conversations or Law Officer radio descriptions of the suspects; yes, they were calling them “suspects” now. Dean continued to drive around to known locations of the snitch, knowing this to be futile in the immediate future. If he had more time, he knows the suspect would eventually turn up in one of these locations.

Thomas found dark video footage in the alley where they had dropped off the suspect; he was getting into some dark vehicle after encountering a shadow figure. Thomas began searching nearby footage for the direction of the vehicle and found they went to an abandoned warehouse. Minutes from their current location, the address is given to Dean as he presses the accelerator as hard has he can. A drop of sweat curves down Dean’s face, the only sign of apprehension he will show.

Something the man with the opal colored ring said continues to resonate in Dean’s head. He does have the choice, the option to stop all of this, come clean, accept the consequences, and move on with life, however that may look. Chump – no way, not today, not in this city, not at this Rehab Facility. Still, the choice he faces, every time he discards the possibility of turning himself in he cognitively buries himself deeper in the darkness of the lies he has told his superiors and himself. Every missed opportunity, he brings Thomas and Handel down with him further into the the cold dark, where irrational anger and misguided hatred are created.

Actively participating in his own eventual self destruction, Dean pulls up to the curb a block and a half away from the warehouse. The three men step out of the vehicle and double check the safety and ammunition on their firearms. After a brief discussion, they have devised the best method of entering the building, clearing it, and obtaining the suspects; all three acknowledge there are going to be three suspects maybe one or two more they are unaware about. Dean will circle to the back to see if he can flush them out while Thomas covers the front and Handel will head to a higher vantage point on top of the building.

Dean reminds them that he’d prefer them alive but dead is just as good. He’s trying to put the two green detectives minds at ease, make them feel better about going in after these suspects. Dean knows he can’t let them live.


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