Friends With Shadows – Chapter 10 (Continued)

Writer’s Note: Happy Thursday! Happy almost Friday! Enjoy the continuance of Chapter 10! Enjoy the read! If you like the book so far, be sure to share it on your favorite social media platform, tell your friends and family and that guy sitting next to you right now! Well, even if you don’t like it, do those things anyway. 🙂 Peace out!

Chapter 10 (continued)

Dean explained they have two targets, and described the primary being, the man with the opal colored ring. The second target is the snitch but, he should’t be an issue if they can get to him fast enough to give the location of the primary target.

The backseat twins nodded affirmations but Thomas had a follow-up question, “Why?”

Dean took a breath, “Because where do you think your bonuses have come from? Do you like getting your little bonuses? To buy the toys you want, to go to dinner when you want? These guys know what we’re doing, in fact they know way too much. If we want to at least preserve what we have, then we need to find a way to silence these guys. Otherwise, you and you, are going to spend the next 25 years in rehabilitation – minimum. That’s not something I want. And I know that’s not what you want.”

Hesitation and fear took hold of the facial expressions of the twins. Thomas began to say something but caught his words before they had opportunity to materialize into regret.

Dean followed up with an ultimatum knowing that he barely had their attention, “If you don’t go with me on this, then I’ll be certain that you both take the fall. Who are they going to believe? A couple of rookie detectives or a seasoned veteran with multiple commendations? Plus, you’ve benefited from our little operation as much as I have. We’re in this together. ”
Both let out a sigh of relief, because they knew they no longer had to make a decision, the decision was made on their behalf. They knew they would follow Dean until this mission was complete. That’s how they had to view this, an operation that would require their full attention and seen through until it was over. All in.

The first directive Dean gave them, “Let’s get to the armory.”

The reluctant trio made their way to headquarters after hours. No one would suspect the three of these Law Officers of doing anything under the table – not with a skeleton crew working in the building.


Until Lieutenant Dorsey stops them in the hallway. There is a downside to speaking prematurely.

…To Be Continued, Tomorrow! Bum-bum-buuuuuum!!!!


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