Friends With Shadows – Chapter 9 (continued, yes, CONTINUED!)

Writer’s Note: You’ll have to forgive me, I’m watching the Golden State vs LeBron James game…I’m mildly distracted – Go Golden State Warriors!! But, anyway, it’s Monday!!! Yay! Putting the positive spin on Monday, that means we’re only a few days away from the WEEKEND!!!! So, to help pass the time between now and Friday, read a few chapters and enjoy the rest of the week!

As always, like, comment, and share. It helps my ego motivates me to write more. Read on, my friends.

“You’re already dead. You don’t have to work for Dean anymore. The hospital had filed the certificate of your death before you woke up. The opportunity for a new life, one free of the system you’ve been placed in, that had been predetermined,” his words resonated.

I am dead.

Big Rich told me that there is not a lot of time for my decisions. What waits for me? I’m already dead according the hospital. To the rest of the system, I’m just somebody that existed in a phone book somewhere.

I see the face of Big Rich and Cherie start to distort. Like they were punched by an Olympic boxer. Ripples flowing across what was a perfect human face, less than a moment ago. Coming towards us was some kind of bubble. A blue tinge outlined the bubble causing a disruption in visual reality – a lensing effect. Everything was slow. I realized what had happened though I hadn’t understood why. The bright white flash followed shortly after the blue distortion, then the heat. The bodies of Cherie and Big Rich soar across the warehouse, rag dolls.

That heat, singed hair, stitches straining under force of the blast, my body is being pulled apart trying to expose my organs again. My clothes smell like they were in the dryer for too long with the heat too high. Spontaneous combustion, nuclear radiation, cooked from the inside. What does it matter? I’m already dead.



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