Friends With Shadows – Chapter 8 (CONTINUED!)

Writers note: you’ll have to forgive any errors in this one I did it from my phone. I don’t have access to a computer at this very moment. Enjoy and read on my friends.


He raced to headquarters, briskly walking down the long corridors filled with law officers – ready to shoot him down for violating the code of ethics, waiting for him to run to give them an opportunity to use a new taser rifle.  even the colloquial of the officers he knew seem to imply their knowledge of his misconduct.

He jumped onto the elevator can enter the detectives level. He needed some people he could trust and wouldn’t ask any questions. He found a couple of the newer guys had secured into helping them resell the contraband. An evil mastermind always has black male available to him – the guilt of people is usually strong enough to keep them in line. Sweat coming off his sideburns, they got in the law vehicle, wheels screeching around every corner, he had to make sure no one else knew about this. Dean had to find his snitch.

With Dean driving to the most likely locations the new guys being brought on board, Detectives Thomas and Handel, were already using the law database to get the most current information on the whereabouts of the snitch.

Almost simultaneously, Thomas and Handel belted, “Got ‘im!”

“He’s at the Hippocratic hospital at the corner of ‘A’ and 200th, eight minutes away. Go left at the next light,” Thomas could feel the excitement building as they went after a snitch that has apparently absconded with contraband.

“Receptionist just confirmed that he has been checked out and video surveillance confirms he is sitting outside the hospital. He was in some kind of wreck.” Handel, not to be outdone, smiled with self satisfaction and turned off communication with the hospital using his ear piece.

All Dean heard was that his snitch was trying to hide from him by faking an injury. Or, maybe he was meeting his contact – the man that was in his car. That was it, they’re meeting right now, plotting devising, getting ready to extort him. Fury burned his face, wheels peeling around the corner, he sees the snitch outside.

“Get him!” Thomas and Handel jump out and sweep him into the car and drive off.

End of chapter 8


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