Friends With Shadows – Chapter 8

Writer’s Note: I apologize for not posting yesterday! So, to make up for it here’s Chapter 8, early! Today you can enjoy a read with your morning cup o’ joe and bagel. I hope you enjoy this chapter. Read on, my friends!

Chapter 8

Dean begins his own inquiry while he drives the man with large knuckles. He started with the most obvious questions anyone would ask when you find yourself driving a stranger unexpectedly, “Who are you? Where are we going? Why are you in my car?”

Clearly his this man’s intentions were different than Dean’s since he talked over his questions as if he didn’t even notice them, “Why did you become a person upholding the law?”

Adrenaline begins pulsing through Dean’s veins. Palms begin to sweat. Arms suddenly become made of gelatin. He knew the conflict inside from the past to the present, the contradiction he had become. “I wanted to bring justice and peace to those that had none. I wanted order for a system that was chaotic and sometimes fell apart when we needed it most. I wanted to change the system from within – make it better, the way it was intended to be.”

“And what happened instead?” As the man already knew the answer, he asked the question with purpose to wrench the hidden truth from Dean’s soul.
“I became what I fought against. I would confiscate the mail. Sell it back to the criminals through an intermediary – a snitch. It was supposed to be a legitimate operation and when the job was done, I wasn’t.” Feeling freer after confessing his sins to his make-shift priest, e Dean started to become angry at himself and at this man for exposing his lies and hypocrisy.

A steady tone, the man’s queries continued, “What fueled you to keep doing this?”
“I saw how much I could make by reselling the contraband back to the criminals – arresting them once they took possession and reselling it someone else. Greed. And I gave up – I succummbed to the system after being beaten down by it for so many years, after being surrounded by it for so many years.” Anger began taking over his eyes.

“I’m going to give you a choice – continue doing what you’ve been doing fueled by anger and greed or begin delivering for me. If you deliver for me, you won’t escape your past judgement will be in your future but you’ll be free. If you continue on your path, well, you know where that leads – you’ve arrested those that deliver contraband. How much long is the rehab? Ten? Fifteen years? I’ll give you a day to think it over.”

Dean’s vehicle pulled up to a stop sign and the man was gone.
Whatever trance Dean was under had begun to wear off when he became consumed by embarrassment and anger at himself and at whoever this guy is. He hit the accelerator once he realized there were other vehicles behind him, honking; he wasn’t aware how long he had been sitting at the stop sign – a second or minutes.

What Dean knew at this moment was that his snitch must have been talking to someone, who else knew about this? Why was he talking to someone? Money? Revenge? He had to find his snitch and get this problem fixed.



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