Friends With Shadows – Chapter 7 – (CONTINUED!)

Writer’s Note: Who is this guy? What kind of club has a big ol’ opal ring? What is this? Lingering questions, my dear readers, but all will be answered in due time. I trust that I’m keeping you in some suspense as these characters begin to unfold. Enjoy your lunch and your leisurely read! If you need to go back a couple chapters to catch up, I won’t judge. 

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Chapter 7 (continued)

We arrived in Cherie’s dark colored four door vehicle of some make and some model they don’t even manufacture anymore and I have never seen other than in pictures. The car was made of metal, steel. Wish I could be more detailed about the leather interior and the obnoxiously loud engine – but I’ve never been a car guy or history buff. She tells me we’re going to go in through a black door in the back of this building as we pull up to it.

The green glow from the energy efficient bulbs in the street lights gives me an uneasy feeling as I step out of the four-wheeled relic – this may be my last opportunity to run. Who am I kidding? I wouldn’t get far from this woman in high heels, not with my body looking like some kind of demented jigsaw puzzle ready to split open at any moment.

The door closes behind us. Cherie stands off in a corner holding a weathered leather folder. Just enough light to make out the crates and antiquated equipment from the covered windows up high of this warehouse. The green glow of the lights outside penetrating the plastic covering the windows.

A solitary hanging light shines on a spot with a large “X” in the middle. The “X” was painted white and had been used a lot, the paint was mostly faded. She tells me to stand in the light. I oblige without questioning. For reasons unknown, I cannot help but follow her instructions – the sensation is that I am supposed to be here.

In the darkness, an ominous voice burrows through the air to make contact with my aural senses, tingling, sending signals to my brain that the hairs on my arm should be standing at attention, “Good evening. Let’s talk.”

A glowing smile presents itself from the dark figure. The figure holds out his hand, one of the fingers has an opal colored ring that covers the entire bottom segment of his middle finger.


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