Friends With Shadows – Chapter 6 (Continued)

Writer’s Note: Are you getting as excited about this chapter as I am? Trust me, it’s getting better as we go forward. I’m still making some adjustments to the dialog and the characters so it’s taking a little longer than expected to get ahead in some of the plot development, but it’s still moving along! Stay tuned, because I’m also working on another challenge! Not sure when it will be ready for being challenged but I’m working on it! Chapter 7 will be ready on Monday! In the meantime, enjoy your Saturday read and brace yourself for the continuation of Chapter 6! Read on, my friends!

Chapter 6 (continued)

Dean caught Edgar slipping out of his apartment from the corner of his eye. He briefly twitched, a reflex to start going after the bad guy.

The man at the window moved his head in an obvious attempt to catch Dean’s attention. “I’d let that one go. There will be others. But right now, I could use your assistance,” the man had a persuasive argument.

Dean sees Edgar one last time on the street, staring at the Law vehicle, staring at Dean, staring at the man, walking briskly past and then disappears into an alley. He did nothing to stop him. Somehow entranced, this man seemed to have more important things to say, though he has hardly said a word that would convince any cop to not follow procedure. And yet, here he was….

“Now, where were we, Dean?” the man’s gaze became more intense. The whites of his eyes seemed to glow, contradicting the fading evening light.

Dean tried to tune into his own senses and he wasn’t sure if his thoughts and actions were frozen out of fear or out of intrigue. But, before he realized it he had unlocked the passenger door and was letting the tall dark figure into the car. The man stared straight ahead, smiling, “Drive.”


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