Friends With Shadows – Chapter 4 – What Just Happened?

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Also, be sure to provide feedback, so I know what my readers are thinking…and if you catch any errors, let me know, I don’t always see them. Good luck to those doing their part by tagging and sharing and liking and providing feedback!

Chapter 4

My eyelashes, glued together, resisted being open. It’s like when you’re awakened suddenly because you heard a loud noise. A muffled popping sound; the sound a couch cushion makes when pierced with a fork. I then hear a muted zipper sound. My eyes break open, squint, and I wonder what that popping sound was, where that zipper noise had come from. It’s almost exactly like that, except and until you feel panic, a rush of pain.

Curiosity beckons me to look down and see why I feel so cold. I saw all of the light my eyelids had shielded from me. White gauze spanning the length of my arms. The gauze had been but an indicator of what I was about to feel once I decided to get up or, heaven forbid, use the water closet. Hardly beginning to comprehend what has happened when I see a perfect crimson line down a part of my torso. Feels like I have to wake up from a dream. Pop. Zip. These hopefully sanitized personnel – with eyes that only those having lived through a live zombie horror movie would know – have torn into my flesh, pop, and found a zipper I hadn’t known existed. A noise made of writhing fear beginning in my lungs, draining them and then forcing my throat to open and bellow a loud and long series of “a” sounds.

It’s just good to know they haven’t taken my lungs out yet.

The surgical masks rush me to an operating room. I feel a pinch somewhere on my body and I begin to float. Over the course of who-knows-how-long, I would awaken in a panic, my pores salivating all over my second-hand pajamas. Panic and fear, from dreams I can hardly remember. Living lifetimes in those sleep hallucinations. Entire worlds, with history and people only existing for a few hours after my eyelids fall. Waking up leaves me feeling guilty, like I sacrificed everything for something stupid.

….To Be Continued….Bum bum buuuuuuum!


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